When you first want to access ScreenPal, you will need to go to screenpal.com/marian and log in with your Marian credentials. This will create your account and allow you to download the program.

To install the app on a Windows or Mac computer, please see the instructions here. You can also install it on Android, iOS, and as a browser extension (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).

After installing there are a couple of ways that you can launch the app and begin recording:

  1. You can launch it from the webpage by clicking on any of the buttons on the top right of the screen (by your initials).
  2. You can open the program using your Start Menu (Windows), Dock/Launchpad (Mac), or Home Screen/Application tray (Android/iOS).

🎬Please see this tutorial video about starting a ScreenPal video. 🎬

Editing Tools

After recording your video in ScreenPa, you can now take advantage of ScreenPal's robust editing tools within the program. Here are the tools that creators can use to make their videos perfect. Below the image you will find ScreenPal links to show how to use different tools.

🎬Tool Video Tutorials🎬

This first tip is for zooming into your timeline. It is super useful if you need to make very precise edits.