Tips for Successfully Carrying Out a Virtual Meeting

If you're struggling with lag time, audio, video, or other issues, check out these tips for success to ensure your Webex session is optimized. 

  • Ethernet over WiFi: Use a desktop over a laptop, if possible (unless your laptop is wired into the internet).  Wifi can slow things down making audio or video not work properly.
  • Close Applications Not in Use: If you have applications open but aren't using them during your Webex session, they may use up your bandwidth or computer processing power. Applications, such as Outlook, can use up much-needed bandwidth.
  • Your Webcam: Don’t use your webcam video if you are having trouble with your internet speed.
  • Headphones vs. Speakers: It is often better to use headphones or earbuds to listen to the meeting rather than having the sound come out of speakers. While Webex does a good job of filtering out speaker noise it might cause feedback. 
  • Mute Participants: Mute your students and only have them unmute themselves when they need to specifically talk or ask a question. You can also use the chat feature to get input from participants.
  • Audio/Video Issues: If you encounter issues with your audio or video while in the meeting room, make sure to manage your audio/video settings.  🎬Here is a video showing you how to do that.🎬

Here are some tips from Webex for hosting great meetings