What do you need to get started with hosting or participating in a virtual meeting in Webex?

Download the Desktop Application

Get the desktop application and download it to your computer. This application is much more stable than the web-browser version of Webex. Having this will ensure you encounter fewer issues when using Webex. The Webex Application also allows you to:

  • Read and Send Messages to other Webex users (which includes everyone at Marian University)
  • Start or Join Webex Spaces (similar to group chatrooms)
  • Organize and Create Webex Meetings

Go here and download the Webex application.

Accessing Webex through the Browser

You can access a limited version of Webex through a standard browser as well.

To operate Webex outside of Canvas:

  1. Go to mu.webex.com
  2. Click "Sign In" on the upper right-hand corner
  3. Enter your Marian email account (example@marian.edu)
  4. This takes you to the Marian login portal. Login using your credentials

This brings you to your Webex page. From here, you can perform many functions from setting up your Personal Room Meeting to scheduling meetings within the app.

Joining a Meeting

You can join Webex meetings from your computer or mobile device. Here are some instructions for joining a Webex meeting.

Connecting to Audio and Video

When you join a Webex meeting you will need to connect your audio and/or video. šŸŽ¬Here is a video from Webex showing this process.šŸŽ¬ Also, the following notes may be helpful for both Audio and Video needs/concerns.


Hosts will need to have audio so participants can hear you. Participants may not need audio depending on the goals of the session. Communication can occur via the chat feature in Webex. Consider the following with audio. See the Webex help guide for connecting to audio here.

Headset -Ā Having a headset or earbuds with a built-in mic is going to be ideal. Typically, a headset has a built-in microphone which may be better quality than your default microphone, but it will also help eliminate feedback that can sometimes occur when listening using speakers.

Microphone and SpeakersĀ - If you do not have a headset, a microphone and speakers will be fine. If you do not have a built-in microphone on your device, you will need to obtain a microphone if you need to speak during the session or use the Call options listed below for audio.

Call in with Phone - If the above options aren't ideal for your situation, you can also call in using your phone.Ā 


Webcam video is when you want to share a video of yourself while you present or attend a meeting. While webcam video is not necessary in order to have a virtual meeting, hosts and participants may need to share their webcam video depending on the goals of the session. Be intentional with the use of webcam video, as it takes up bandwidth and can create issues for users with lower internet speeds. See steps 4 and 5 on this guide for help with video in Webex.

Webcam VideoĀ - If possible, use the default video on your device. If you do not have a built-in webcam, you will need to obtain one if this is necessary for your session.

Screen-Sharing - You will still be able to share your screen, applications, and files without a webcam video. See the Webex guide on screen sharing here for more information.

Bandwidth Concerns

If you find that the virtual meetings you host or participate in have a lot of lag, video is slow, or audio is garbled, try to use a computer plugged into the ethernet cable rather than using WiFi.