MUST be connected to MarianSecure on your phone or laptop in order to reach website. 

NOTE: Each user is allowed to register a maximum of five devices. Device registration will be good for one year.

If your device can only connect with a passphrase or passkey (PSK), register your device and use the MarianPSK wifi and the Password is Marian2020

Example of devices that use MarianPSK Wifi and how to find their MAC addresses can be found here Click Here

DHCP Setting needs to be set on ON- Not Manual

If you want to use an LAN (Ethernet) Connection on your devices you still need to register your LAN Mac Address and plug your device into any port in your room and plug your ethernet cable into the Yellow marked connection on the AP device in your room.

You may move your device from one port to another without re-registering the device.

The following information needed to connect to MarianPSK wifi listed below.

Registering Your Device

With a device already on the Marian network or a cellphone network. Open a web browser.

  1. Type in the following address:

  2. Enter your Marian username and password.

  3. Click on the Sign On button