Connect to your Home Wi-Fi Network or Hotspot

Click the white arrow pointing up (bottom right corner of your screen near the battery and Wi-Fi symbol) and click the grey globe icon to access the GlobalProtect VPN.

When the GlobalProtect windows pops up make sure the Portal has listed and click Connect.

Quick Notes

  • If this is your first time connecting you will be prompted to put in your Marian Username and Password. 

  • If you have trouble connecting try removing the MARIAN_ADMIN\username and type your Marian Username in that field.
  • Your username and password will be saved the next time you try to log in, so this should only be a one-time instance.
  • If your SHARE drives are properly setup then they should be accessible after connecting to the VPN.

How to add a VPN Address in GlobalProtect


NOTE – Please contact Help Desk at 317-955-6444 or if you have any issues or questions.